rj allison is a voice over guy.  he rejects the term voice actor.  he’d rather misbehave as himself.  he’s done a bunch of work for a bunch of networks you’ve watched and a ton of  products you’ve bought.  he is a member of SAG/AFTRA and  is available through CESD , New York. (212)477-1666.

what you may have heard is true, he’d rather work in his own studio, the crows nest, in branford, ct.  he is among the few who bravely cling to ISDN technology.  he can also phone patch and record session, should that be more up your alley.

rj , disguised as rick allison, does a daily on-line radio show from 10 am-noon monday  through friday on cygnusradio.com and would prefer to remain undisturbed by work during these hours.  he is willing to make exceptions for the right amount of dough.

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